What is web accessibility

Web accessibility means allowing all people to use the web and all its services.
More specifically, it means that people with more or less severe disabilities can perceive, navigate and interact with the web.
The web must be designed for everyone. This technology has the potential to remove the communication and interaction barriers that many people may face in the real world. However, many websites and web services are not designed correctly and do not respect the accessibility criteria, these situations create obstacles.

Thanks to okACCEDO today is possible to solve this problem in a few minutes, without having to redesign the whole website and spend large amounts of time and money.

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It is a MUST

Nowadays the web affects many aspects of our life: education, work, government, commerce, health, leisure and much more.
It is essential that web services are accessible to offer equal opportunities to all people.
An accessible web helps people with more or less serious disabilities to participate more actively in social life; it offers an unprecedented possibility of providing access to a large amount of information even to disabled people.

An accessible web also benefits people who are not disabled or have a temporary disability (for example a broken arm). Great advantages also for the elderly who lose some motor and vision skills, etc. with advancing age.

Benefits for business too

Getting ahead of other competitors in search engine results is a daily struggle for many businesses.
An accessible website allows you to improve indexing and SEO. Using okACCEDO you will not have to worry about anything, the web app algorithms fix the HTML code so as to improve its understanding by search engines.

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Access to the web as a right

Access to web technologies was recognized as a fundamental right in the United Nations conference on the "Rights of people with disabilities"
So okACCEDO is a great solution to guarantee web accessibility on your website.