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Last update: january 12 - 2022

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okACCEDO is a web app developed by Matteo Pitrelli and distributed by EMET SPACE s.a.s.
Our goal is to make the web accessible to everyone.

Through our platform okaccedo.com it is possible to buy the web app online and through the appropriate "login" button it is possible to access your own personal area.
On the site you will find the contact forms and the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter. You will find okACCEDO running.

By selecting the "I accept privacy policy" box on the okaccedo.com registration page, you accept the following information.

EMET SPACE s.a.s. with registered office in Corso Susa 242 - Rivoli TO (Italy) is the data manager of the collected data.
On this site there are contact forms, for the registration and purchase of proprietary software, and the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter.

  • Data requested when registering on our portal

    When registering on our portal (okaccedo.com) we collect the name and surname of the contact person of the Company / Public Agency / Association / Foundation, the email address, the domain on which you want to use okACCEDO and the name of the Company / Public Agency / Association / Foundation who is purchasing the service.

  • Data requested at the time of purchase on our portal

    At the time of purchase on our portal (okaccedo.com) we collect all the data necessary for billing.
    We collect the following data: VAT number and billing address.

  • Payment menthod and data required

    To buy okACCEDO you can pay by credit card (Stripe) or PayPal.
    These two payment methods require you to enter some information. For more information on Stripe's data management checkout Stripe Privacy Policy.
    For more information on PayPal's data management checkout PayPal Privacy Policy.

  • Email, social, phone e letter comunications

    People interested in getting in touch with us will be able to do so through different ways: email, social pages, phone and letters.
    In any case, communications will be confidential. The information may be shared with our authorized internal collaborators, for the purpose of providing the service we offer.

The data provided by the Customer and collected on our website okaccedo.com will be used for the following purposes:

  • Conclusion and execution of the contract

    They will be useful for concluding and executing the purchase contract for the products and/or services offered on okaccedo.com
    The same data will be essential for billing.

  • Features offered

    They are essential for the correct provision of the services we offer.

  • Who we share Customer data with

    They may be shared with partners, collaborators and authorized resellers, but also for compliance with legal obligations (by way of example and not limited to, to the Revenue Agency).

  • Assistance requests management

    They will be used to manage the reporting of the request.

  • Updates informations

    They will be used to communicate any news.

  • Commercial and promotional communications

    They will be used to communicate our commercial and promotional initiatives.

In no way does okaccedo.com study the User's movements on the site. Navigation on our sites and portals is not tracked, as it is not necessary for the provision of our service.

We inform you that, at the request of the Judicial Authority, the data could be used to ascertain responsibility in the event of hypothetical computer crimes against EMET SPACE s.a.s., the website okaccedo.com or its Users.

The Customer is free to provide or not to provide the data necessary for the provision of our services, but in this way it will not be possible to execute the contract. So you will not be able to purchase our services.

How we process and keep data safe

The personal data collected on okaccedo.com will be recorded on electronic databases owned by the Data Manager and will be processed by the Company in compliance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency with methods and procedures necessary to provide the requested services.

The treatment will be carried out in paper and/or automated form, in compliance with the provisions of art. 32 GDPR 2016/679 on security measures, by the Company and in compliance with the provisions of art. 29 GDPR 2016/679.

It should be noted that for the protection of the acquired data, the Data Manager adopts technical and organizational measures appropriate to the purpose of the processing itself. Strict security procedures are followed in the storage and disclosure of personal data, to protect them against accidental loss, destruction or damage. The data provided, as well as that transferred to us by our business partners, are protected with TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology, which is the standard method of encrypting Internet communications.

In case of violation of the aforementioned protection measures of the personal data acquired, we will proceed, as Data Controllers, without undue delay to notify the aforementioned violation to the supervisory authority - and, where possible, within 72 hours from the moment in to which it has become aware - if such violation presents a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals. In this case, we will promptly send you a communication containing an indication of the violated data.

If okaccedo.com has provided, or the Customer has chosen, a password to access the site / app and/or the services provided (such as, for example, the "Dashboard"), the Customer will be responsible for the confidentiality of this password, as well as, where additional safety procedures are communicated, any violations resulting from failure to comply with these procedures will be only responsibility of the Customer.
Passwords are saved in the database in the form of a hash, then encrypted. Even those with permission to view the database cannot see your password.

The Customer's data who have not renewed the License or who have renounced the purchase of the same after the free trial period, will not be deleted from the database used by okACCEDO and can be used for commercial purposes; in order to reacquire the Customer.

okaccedo.com uses cookies only to provide the best browsing experience possible.
On our site, only basic cookies are used, which are necessary for the operation of our services. In fact, it is not possible to choose which cookies to activate or deactivate, because if this were the case it would not be possible to provide our services.

  • What happens by accepting the cookie policy

    By accepting the cookie policy you confirm that you are aware of the okaccedo.com Cookie policy.
    A cookie is saved to remember your selection.

  • Cookie for the payment

    okaccedo.com uses cookies to remember which commercial offer you have selected from the moment you select the package.

  • Cookies for the right running of "okACCEDO" web app

    okACCEDO web app is running on okaccedo.com. It uses cookies only to ensure the best possible user experience. For example, cookies are used to remember which okACCEDO function was left active when the session was abandoned.